Teeth Whitening Gel

iBright Teeth Whitening Gel

iBright Teeth Whitening Gel allows the high quality of services

“I own a private dental practice in Germany, which aims to provide the highest quality services. I use only the best products, which brings my practice immense prestige and worldwide fame. I always recommend iBright to my patients who want to whiten their teeth – I also use it at work. I’m honest with my patients and tell them I use the same product that they can purchase on the Internet. However, most of them come back to have their teeth whitened again and recommend my practice to their friends.”

Teeth Whitening Gel

Why iBright Teeth Whitening Gel ?

Sodium Perborate – can hasten the oxidation process and allows immediate results

Hydroxyapatite crystals – make it easier for the gel to adhere to stains and effectively remove them

pH-neutral formula – protects enamel

Thick gel – moisturizes and makes teeth less sensitive;

Thick formula – reaches all the corners of your teeth for better results

LED lamp – whitening by means of blue light makes the whitening process as effective as professional treatment

Shade guide – helps you measure how much whiter your teeth have become during the procedure
Flexible tray – perfectly fits your teeth

iBright users

Where to buy iBright Teeth Whitening Gel?

I recommend you to visit iBright official website and place your order.



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