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What is Performer5 ? Why buy Performer 5?

Performer5™ is the most potent product used for male enhancement and ejaculation. It works just as it has been stated. What can you expect when using the super potent formula?

  • Assists in developing thickness and hardness in erections
  • Assists you in experiencing prolonged and more intense erections
  • Assists in achievement of quintuple of your desired ejaculation
  • Consists of the purest nutrients
  • Can make your sex life best possible
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performer 5

How does Performer5 achieve its results? More reasons to buy Performer5 male enhancement supplement?

The combination and the quantity of the nutrients are the exact ones required to give you the experience beyond belief!

In fact . . . to true Porn Star status!

The Performer 5 Dual System is simple – it contains Vit5 – the major culprit for the intense ejaculation production due to the basic and the crucial nutrients it contains which are needed for this experience.
Performer5 is a unique formula specifically designed to enable you to experience the enhanced and volumised ejaculation providing your body with the exact combination and quantity of sources of nourishment to develop your body’s potential into a sexual powerhouse!

Your body is already provided with some of the nutrients from your diet. The problem is that the quantities you are taking are just about enough to enable you to experience regular ejaculation outputs.
The combination of the nutrients in Performer5 helps you obtain a 5 times more potent experience.

As you might have known – for more abundant semen production, you should be taking more concentrated zinc. When you have all that semen contained in your prostate you need a more potent ejaculation to help the semen get out. More potent equals more gratifying! When there is so much semen your muscles have to work longer and harder to get the liquid out. Orgasms experienced are profound every time!

Performer5 does not only affect your physical experience. It also works on your confidence. Sexual potency and confidence are well known turn-ons for women.

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How and where to buy Performer5 male enhancement supplement?

If you want to buy and get the original male enhancement product, you should visit the official male enhancement producer’s web page. When buying this male enhancement formula, you can achieve a discount if you enter a code into a designated field. If you purchase the product directly from the producer, you can provide yourself with a money back guarantee that you can use if the product is not satisfying you and your partner the way you expected.

Take Performer 5 every day!

Boost your erections and the size of your penis with the medically checked product Performer5™ – a combination of the most nourishing ingredients needed and combined for such experiences.

  • Buy one bottle for $ 59.95 or £ 39.99
  • Buy three bottles for $ 119.91 or £ 79.98
  • Buy six bottles for $ 179.85 or £ 119.97

Don’t get short changed! The serving this product provides you with is a MASSIVE 1500 mg per serving.


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